During our honeymoon in the Seychelles in 2008 we fell in love with the beauty of the islands, the turquoise ocean, the tastful food, the friendly people and so much more that is Seychelles. When we came back home in the Netherlands we wanted to share our experiences with as many people as possible.

In my daily life I work as a senior online marketing consultant for a great company called:Conversion Company in Amsterdam. This results in an above average interest in anything internet related. Combine that with our passion for the Seychelles and this weblog I Love Seychelles was born.

I Love Seychelles tells and shows you my personal experiences in the Seychelles. Of course from a tourist point of view. I hope fellow tourists and aspirational travelers to the Seychelles will find this blog with its information useful.

Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to comment and share your own experiences!