Acajou hotel, Praslin

At the jetty in Baie Sainte Anne at Praslin the Mason’s bus was already waiting to bring us and some fellow travelers

Acajou hotel Praslin
Acajou hotel Praslin

to our accommodations. First stop was hotel L’Archipel where the Italian couple from myprevious Cat Cocos post went out. 2nd stop was Acajou where we stayed.

Distances on Praslin are really short since it’s a small island. From the jetty to our hotel is maybe 4 or 5 kilometres.

At Acajou we were welcomed by the girl at the reception. We could leave our bags, a porter would bring them to our room. While checking in we got a fresh pineapple drink and the receptionist walked away to check some things. Still in an excellent mood we sipped from our tasty, tropical drinks not realizing the sh*t that was about to happen (Pardon my French). :-(

Terrible, terrible hotel manager

Instead of the receptionist, the hotel manager came to us, explaining that we had a problem. Because we had booked our complete honeymoon through a travel agency (It’s Africa) in Holland, we had no idea what she was referring to. According to the manager we were a day too early and the room had not been paid for yet. Our excellent mood was immediately gone. Fortunately for us she already had a room available, but she did need our credit card just in case the payment by the travel agency wouldn’t come through. Suddenly she had made the problem between the hotel and the travel agency my problem!

I had already paid quite a large amount for the room to the travel agency, so I wasn’t going to give her my credit card so I could pay for it twice. I offered to contact the travel agency to check out what had happened and she offered me to use the reception phone. That seemed like a nice gesture at the time, but later the phone call costs turned out to be on the final hotel bill. In other words they’re offering something that seems to be free, so I can help them with their problem and they’re billing me for it!

Acajou hotel Praslin
Acajou hotel Praslin

During the phone call with It’s Africa our contact person, who sounded really surprised, apologized several times for the inconvenience and promised to sort things out. She also told me not to give my credit card as we had already paid for the room through them. Not that I was planning to pay twice…

The room at Acajou

For the time being the hotel manager was satisfied and we were brought to our room. The Acajou resort consists of 2 rows of attached wooden holiday homes with 2 rooms. One on the  ground floor and the other on the first floor.

The room was quite spacious, dark (because of the dark wood) and cooled off by an airco unit. Despite the problem with the hotel manager, which was a very unpleasant and unwelcome interruption of our delightful honeymoon, this room was actually quite nice. It had a bathroom with bath, television (which we didn’t use), and balcony looking our over the pool. You couldn’t see the beach because of a tall hedgerow between the hotel and the beach, but we did see the ocean.

After dropping our luggage in our room, we decided to have lunch in the hotel’s lunch restaurant, which is located in a garden, really close to the beach. It was really hot outside, especially in the sun. Lunch was ok, but expensive. That was to be expected, because everything in resorts is expensive.

How ‘our’  problem continued

The next days the hotel manager continued to bother us with the payment issue between our travel agency and Acajou. I felt pressured to make several phone calls to my travel agent just to get this issue fixed and the hotel manager off my back.I strongly believe that guests should never have to deal with these sorts of problems. These things are business deals between the travel agent/organization and the resort.

Acajou hotel Praslin room
Acajou hotel Praslin room

And we weren’t the only ones! During our stay, while waiting for a taxi at the reception, a Japanese couple just arrived. They had booked and paid for a superior room. The hotel manager told them with a nasty tone, that she had them booked for a standard room and if they didn’t like it, they should contact their travel agent. It was not her problem. So, there she did it again! Just forward your problems to your guests and have them fix it…

During all my traveling I’ve never met such a rude and incompetent hotel manager. This woman should really find another job, not dealing with guests or customers.

Whether there really was an issue with payments from our travel agent to Acajou I’ll never know. Acajou claimed to have not received payment, It’s Africa told us they made payment well before we arrived at Acajou. What I do know is that our travel agent tried everything to keep this problem away from us and not get us involved. Later during our stay we found a bottle of champagne offered by our travel agent for all the inconvenience that was caused and they offered to pay for all our phone calls made from the Seychelles (and not bill us like Acajou). At least one party knows what service means.

Conclusion: Acajou

I would NOT recommend  this hotel to other travelers, because of the hotel manager, who can partly spoil your holiday. Yes, the rooms are nice, the food is all right, most of the personnel is friendly, the massages are great, but as long as the current manager is running the resort, they won’t be seeing me again. And they shouldn’t be seeing you either (but that’s just my opinion).