Anse Soleil, tropical beach

This beach and the café were recommended by Stephane, so during our island round trip we decided to visit AnseSoleil. You can reach the beach by taking a side road from the main road. The road became narrower every few metres we drove and eventually it wasn’t even paved anymore. Here we were driving in our 2-wheel drive Hyundai Atos, perfect for off road conditions.

On our way we met a truck coming from the other direction. The road was so narrow it barely fitted our own tiny rental car, so you can imagine how we felt while crossing each other.

Eventually we arrived at a construction site where we could park our car. They seemed to be building some sort of resort just above Anse Soleil. Fortunately at the beach no signs or sounds of the construction were to be seen or heard.

Lunch at Anse Soleil Café

Anse Soleil is medium sized beach. When we got there it was quite busy. That means people every other 20 metres or so. Before jumping into the water we decided to lunch at the Anse Soleil Café. It’s located right on the beach side, so from your lunch you enjoy an amazing view over the beach and ocean. At this beach cafe we could pay with rupees, which was one of the exceptions on the island. Fresh fish and curries are served and prices are low (for European standards). Apart from the grumpy waitress and owner the lunch was a success and tasted excellent.

Anse Soleil Seychelles Standard Rooms
Anse Soleil Seychelles Standard Rooms


After lunch we found a spot on the beach in the shade of some big trees. Quickly we changed into our swimwear for some snorkeling. Under water we spotted many colorful fishes. When you stopped breathing and kept really quiet you could even hear some of them nibbling on the rocks. Really funny!

When you go snorkeling in the Seychelles make sure to protect your skin from the tropical sun. You get sunburned before you realize it. I myself kept my shirt on to keep me from turning into some sort of lobster.

Anse Soleil Mahe Seychelles
Anse Soleil Mahe Seychelles

A few hours later we went back to our car to take the steep, narrow and partly unpaved road back to the main island road to continue our round trip. Because it was already late in the afternoon and I really wanted to see Port Glaud and Port Launey we had to skip a few beaches and continue driving. From the car we had some amazing view over Anse a la Mouche and Boileau Bay. Anse a la Mouche we would visit again at the end of our honeymoon, because I had booked a night at Le Jardin des Palmes.

Next post I’ll show some stunning photos taken from the Barbarons area.