Anse Takamaka: Dream Beach


The name alone gives you that tropical feeling: Anse Takamaka. The best name for a beach I’ve ever heard. With a name like that expectations are high, very high.

After we had parked our car somewhere half into the bushes, we walked towards the beach under some tall trees. Anse TakamakaWhen we entered the beach we were amazed. It was like walking into a Robinson Crusoe movie set. A beach like beaches are supposed to be. Golden sand, blue waves crashing on the fairly steep beach, warm white water around your feet. A romantic beach which is ideal for honeymooners.

We did see some signs warning about strong currents during a specific period of the year. I don’t remember that exact period, but September was in it. So, this might not be the best swimming and snorkeling beach of the Seychelles. But it’s perfect for tanning, relaxing and getting your feet wet.

We didn’t go there, but there’s a restaurant and hotel called Chez Batista. Now that we’ve seen Anse Takamaka I see what a great place this would be to stay a few nights. Anse Takamaka is a fantastic beach and very private. There aren’t many other visitors around and there’s always a quiet spot for you (or the 2 of you).

The beach is located on the south west coast of Mahé, which means: perfect sunsets. Anse Takamaka, and the Takamaka region of Mahé, are named after the Takamaka tree, with its thick, waxy green leaves. This tree is quite common in the Seychelles and is perfect if you’re looking for some shade to cool off a bit on a warm, sunny day.