Barbarons to Port Glaud

After passing Boileau Bay we drove into an area of Mahé called Barbarons. All around us we saw green trees and long

Barbarons hotel Seychelles
Barbarons hotel Seychelles

grass turning from green to yellow while the sun was starting to set. On our left side were glimpses of the glittering ocean, on our right steep rocky mountains covered with lush vegetation.

Le Meridien Barbarons

I had heard of Barbarons mainly because of the well-known hotel Le Meridien Barbarons. This resort is one of the lower priced resorts on Mahé, which probably explains why it is so well known.

While planning our honeymoon I had considered staying at the Meridien Barbarons until I read the many reviews. Some of them were really negative, which caused some doubt. But what really make me decide not to go there were the photos sent in by travelers who had actually stayed there.

Any honeymoon should be special. However for most of us our budgets are limited and the Seychelles are an expensive destination. So, we have to comprimize on things. The question is: how much do you want to compromize? The photos of the Barbarons hotel in my opinion showed a very dated hotel. It kind of reminded me of some of the former Yugoslavian hotels that you can still find on the coast of Croatia, but then with palm trees of course.

Anyway, this is just my opinion based on photos and reviews. I haven’t actually stayed there. But if the signs are bad, then I’m not taking chances. At least not on my honeymoon.

From Barbarons the road to Port Glaud went up against a mountain. Somewhere near the highest point, around a corner, we suddenly witnessed a breathtaking view over Port Glaud, glittering in the setting sun. Simply amazing!

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