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Anse Lazio: Beautiful Praslin beach

Anse Lazio is considered by many, including Lonely Planet, to be the best beach on Praslin. It’s included in countless top ten lists and probably is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Enough reason for us to leave Anse Georgette, be it with some regret, and head for Anse Lazio.

Anse Lazio is situated next to Anse Georgette. That should be a short drive. Well, think again. The island road doesn’t encircle all of Praslin. It’s actually a giant “U” with one end at the Lemuria resort and the other end at … yes, Anse Lazio.

It was already late in the afternoon when we drove out of the resort. We decided to take the road along the southern coast line instead of taking the short cut along Vallée de Mai.

Not long after the junction the road changed from good to narrow and steep (slopes up to 30%). But our little orange Kia held it together. At sunset we reached Anse Lazio and yes, it looked beautiful.


And the best beach there is inarguably Anse Lazio, a beach that just sounds delicously lazy. Say it with me: Anse Lazio. Honestly the softest sand, fine grained and clean white. Shockingly clear turqoise water Indian Ocean warm and alive. Fringed by supermodel tall palms and Takamaka trees, the beach is a crescent shaped moon of paradise.


The beach in Baie Chèvalier is much larger than Anse Georgette, but also has the same soft white sand and clear turquoise water.

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  • sam:

    This is the same beach that had to fata Shark attack in just 2 weeks that killed a French and British.

  • Jean:

    A beautiful beach indeed, and very quiet. Went there in October, the sand was too hot to stand on, and everybody took shelter from the sun under a tree. The beach bar was much appreciated. I love Seychelles. Beam me back!

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