postheadericon Côte d’Or or Côte no more?

Côte d’Or, Praslin

Côte d’Or (or actually Anse Volbert) is one of the most famous beaches on the north coast of Praslin. Many resorts like L’Archipel, the Berjaya Beach Resort and Paradise Sun are all located close to or on this beach.

Our own hotel, the Acajou hotel, was also located on the Côte d’Or beach. After our little incident with the hotel manager, we decided to relax on the beach. The hotel provides its guests with beach chairs and parasols, which is nice, because the sun is burning hot. On the other hand we never really missed these chairs and parasols on the Mahe beaches. A big Takamaka or coconut tree (watch out for the coconuts!) gives a much nicer shade than any parasol can ever provide…

The beach is made of fine white sand and truly looks beautiful. The ocean is turquoise blue. Côte d’Or looks like the beaches you find in the travel brochures. The problem: it’s a very boring beach. The ocean is calm, but there are hardly any snorkeling possibilities. The water is unclear because of the sandy water, and I couldn’t find any fishes. Maybe if you swim further out at sea the water becomes clearer and you’ll find more fishes.

Near the L’Archipel resort there are some rocky islets with seaweed, which are ok to swim around. But again not mind blowing.

On the beach and in the surf you had to watch out not to step into sharp dead coral.Where is this coral coming from? I sure didn’t see during my snorkeling attempt.

On a side note however I still felt a little sea sick from the Cat Cocos ferry (late reaction I guess) and annoyed by the hotel incident and on top of that I got sunburned on my back and neck. So, maybe my opinion about the beach is a little clouded by that.

Don’t get me wrong: Côte d’Or is a pretty beach, but if I compare Côte d’Or with most other Seychelles beaches I can only come to one conclusion: for me this is Côte no more!


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  • Lupik:

    If you really want to see a sea turtle in the bay, go to Côte d’Or (or actually Anse Volbert) beach – the part in front of the Berjaya Praslin Beach Resort and ask about man named Bryan. Boating in the waves is adventurous a bit, but it is worth :)

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