Cat Cocos ferry to Praslin

Thursday 25th September a Mason’s mini bus came to pick us up to drive us to the jetty in Victoria. We had the

Cat Cocos ferry to Praslin
Cat Cocos ferry to Praslin

10:30 ferry.  After arriving at the jetty I had to change my vouchers for 2Cat Cocos return tickets from Mahé to Praslin.

There was just a short queue before the ticket desk, so within a few minutes I had our tickets. We still had 30 minutes before the ferry would take off, so we walked to the waiting room, which was housed in another (open) building.

Milano catwalk

Not much to do, but sip from a cold drink and watch our fellow passengers. One other italian couple really caught my (well, everybody’s) attention. He was a big, hairy guy with an enormous lens on his photo camera (would make many paparazzi jealous), and she was a beautiful and elegant model look-a-like complete with black mini dress, very thin high heels (the fashionable kind) and expensive Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses.  Not exactly the average ferry passenger, but these people definately make the world a more interesting place to live in!

The Cat cocos ferry has 2 decks, one lower deck, which is inside with airco and the other on top of the ferry outside. Most locals went inside, but as travelers we of course took the outside deck with a view.

The journey from Mahe to Praslin took  just over 1 hour.

Ferry or airplane?

The fast Cat Cocos ferry is an alternative for flying between the islands. We decided to take the ferry, because my wife has flight anxiety, so everything is better than stepping into an airplane, especially the small airplanes used for inter-island flights. But there are pros and cons for both:

Cat Cocos:

  • Pro: cheapest option, €84 return ticket vs €162 for a flight ticket
  • Pro: extremely good option if you suffer from flight anxiety
  • Con: you can get seasick on rough water
  • Con: the fast Cat Cocos ferry still takes 45 minutes longer than the airplane

Taking the ferry or the airplane was a no brainer for my wife, but you might feel differently. I did see at least 2 people getting quite sick during the journey.

Cat Cocos ferry Praslin
Cat Cocos ferry Praslin