Creole buffet at Les Lauriers

Les Lauriers is a petit hotel and restaurant in Anse Volbert (Côte d’Or) on Praslin. It’s formula is “Creole buffet” just Les Laurierslike The Boathouse in Beau Vallon, Mahé. We decided to go there, because we had heard good stories about it.
Normally I hate the buffet concept, but this one was really nice.

The creole buffet contains a huge “salad” bar, which is much more than just salads. There are delicious grilled and baked vegetables, pumpkin lasagnas, and many other creative, but tasteful creations.

Next to it are several curries with rice, which I liked a lot. And then there’s a cook grilling fresh fish, chicken and pork chops right in front of you.

For the buffet you pay a fixed fee of I believe €30 per person. It’s not really a romantic restaurant, but it offers good food for a good price. If you’re staying on Praslin you should check it out.