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Italian honeymoon couples

italian couple

Luna di miele alle Seychelles is italian for honeymoon in the Seychelles. What surprised me during our honeymoon in the Seychelles was the high number of italian couples traveling to this tropical paradise. According to the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) of the Seychelles Italy is one of the leading markets for the Seychelles. I wonder why that is. I mean I can fully understand why someone would like to come to this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, but why are the Seychelles so popular in a country that has no historical ties with this archipel?

Visitors to the Seychelles per country

For those who like numbers, I’ve included some stats from the National Statistical Bureau of the Seychelles.

The six leading markets for 2009 are:

  1. France (31341)
  2. Italy (26114)
  3. Germany (19736)
  4. UK & Eire (11350)
  5. South Africa (8208)
  6. Russia (8098)

source: NSB

So, Italy is the 2nd most important source of tourists for the Seychelles.

People watching

Anyway, since Italians take good care of how they dress and look, it was no punishment to look at all these young, just married, couples from Milano, Roma and all over Italy. Italians, wherever they are, are great for people watching.

Maybe our Italian visitors can comment below on why the Seychelles are so immensely  popular in Italy?