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Italian honeymoon couples

Luna di miele alle Seychelles is italian for honeymoon in the Seychelles. What surprised me during our honeymoon in the Seychelles was the high number of italian couples traveling to this tropical paradise. According to the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) of the Seychelles Italy is one of the leading markets for the Seychelles. I wonder why that is. I mean I can fully understand why someone would like to come to this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, but why are the Seychelles so popular in a country that has no historical ties with this archipel?

Visitors to the Seychelles per country

For those who like numbers, I’ve included some stats from the National Statistical Bureau of the Seychelles.

The six leading markets for 2009 are:

  1. France (31341)
  2. Italy (26114)
  3. Germany (19736)
  4. UK & Eire (11350)
  5. South Africa (8208)
  6. Russia (8098)

source: NSB

So, Italy is the 2nd most important source of tourists for the Seychelles.

People watching

Anyway, since Italians take good care of how they dress and look, it was no punishment to look at all these young, just married, couples from Milano, Roma and all over Italy. Italians, wherever they are, are great for people watching.

Maybe our Italian visitors can comment below on why the Seychelles are so immensely  popular in Italy?

6 Responses to “Luna di Miele alle Seychelles”

  • Paolo:

    I write from Italy and I had a wonderful vacation in Seychelles in April.
    Why so many italians? Because in our country we feel Seychelles as a lost paradise and because we think Seychelles is the highest islands dream.
    Italians also don’t care about how expensive is. Everybody in Italy loves bella vita. Seychelles is bella vita.

  • Hey Paolo, thanks for your insight. Seychelles is definately bella vita! :-)

  • Alex:

    hey there, hello from Alex from Naples, Italy.

    I Think that Seychelles are popular trough the italians because here the islands are very idealized, and everyone imagines them as a paradise with white beaches, good seafood and sun everyday.

    Because of Italy is the most attractive country in the world for history and arts (renaissance, roman empire, middle age, barocco and etc), italians use to wonder different kind of holydays, and Seychelles offer the good mixture and and an high difference from the italian lifestyle.

    Seychelles seem far and so quite, hot and very peaceful on the pictures that every travel agency has on the outside, that’s why people keep booking Seychelles.
    And maybe they are so wonderful as they say.

    That’s why here are so popular along with Seychelles islands like Santo domingo, Cuba and Canarias.

    I think that maybe this could be a good reading of Touristic Italian representation at the Seychelles.

    Goodbye, and as the italians use to come there maybe is time that the website staff come over italia to visit one of the most beautiful country in the world.

    Goodbye and keep working hard!!

  • Ivano:

    Confirm. Italians are dreamers…and Seychelles is a dream-land here….. !!
    or may be we need to escape, tired of stress and problems??
    In both cases..I’ll be visiting you next May….so i’l find out by myself !

  • Bella Vita! Yes, indeed! But not only that, the culture is family-friendly, like in Italia! Mama is the master of the house and has even a higher say, then the man. Italians are romantic and I think, that Seychelles resembles their most secret dreams of remoteness, idyllic nature and marvellous sunsets! I can understand these italians!!
    I would’nt want to miss this place, as i am fortunate enough to live here and experience the Seychellois culture every single day, so many people go through their lives with a smile and I think Europeans dream of having a life like that, too. Without worries, living in Garden Eden Paradise-Land! :)

  • Seychelles Fan:

    That is interesting that Italy is #2 – I wouldn’t have guessed that. Sad to see that America is not higher up on the list. The main reason for that I think is because getting to the Seychelles from America seems so daunting… you are going to have to take some LONG flights (even though it will be more than worth it). Many Americans settle on Bora Bora which is great in its own right but Seychelles has a lot more to do and even more impressive beaches I think

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