Here it is: the first post on this brand new travel blog about the Our Seychelles honeymoon! Very exiting!

On the 21st of September 2008 my wife and I travelled to the Seychelles for our honeymoon. We married on the 10th of September in Haarlem, the Netherlands. It was a perfect and sunny wedding day. So, this set some high expectations of our honeymoon as well.

For our honeymoon destination we were looking for a tropical, unspoiled paradise island. Due to the hurricane season in the Caribbean and wet season in the Maldives we narrowed our options down to:

  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Zanzibar

After much debate, online investigations on TripAdvisor and other review sites and inspections from above in Google Earth we decided on the Seychelles.

The reason for not choosing Zanzibar had to do with the fact that it was within the Malaria (and other diseases) zone. At the time we were still thinking about bringing along our 1-year-old son. Eventually the little man stayed at home with his grandparents, so it might not have been issue anyway. However another reason was that the Zanzibar archipel didn’t give us that tropical, Robinson Crusoe feeling.

This left us with 2 choices: Mauritius and the Seychelles. Both seemed very attractive for various reasons. Mauritius seemed to have more luxurious resorts, and more value for our money accommodation wise. The Seychelles seemed to be more of an unspoiled paradise. Someone on TripAdvisor described it well:

They all say that Mauritius is a 3 star island with 5 star hotels and the Seychelles is a 5 star island with 3 star hotels.

The travel agency’s brochures of Mauritius and Seychelles didn’t help us much. Professional photos can be very deceiving and none of them gave us a good picture of the actual surroundings. Google Earth however helped us a lot. From above I could see how in most parts of Mauritius the rainforest was cleared away for agriculture and golf fields . Also it seemed much more crowded than the Seychelles. Not really the bounty paradise we were hoping for.

The Seychelles on the other hand looked amazing from above. Combined with ‘real’ photos taken by visitors we quickly were convinced these islands were exactly what we were looking for.

praslin from above

Except for Victoria on Mahe, there were no big towns, almost no golf fields, but hills covered with jungle and beautiful beaches.

The one and only possible conclusion: we were going the the Seychelles.

21st September we took off at Schiphol Airport (for all non-Dutch: Schiphol = Amsterdam Airport) to London Heathrow with BA at 4:25PM. The flight to London took us about 50 minutes, but at Heathrow we had to wait until 9PM for our connecting flight to Mahe. Since my wife has flight anxiety, you can imagine how long the waiting for our next flight actually felt. Plenty of time to get really nervous ;-)

When the gate finally opened we could get into the Air Seychelles plane where some sort of caribbean reggae music played. After the flight attendants had disinfected the whole plane and all passengers (!?!?!?!?!) we were ready for takeoff.

Seychelles here we come!