Exploring Praslin island, Seychelles

Just like we did on Mahé, we decided to do a round trip on Praslin island. Saturday September 27th we rented a car from a guy called Manuel of Prestige Car Hire, who was always hanging out near theAcajou hotel. He was also recommended by our Mason’s Travel contact. The rental price per day was €50 or €70 including insurance, which was a lot pricier than our rental car on Mahé.

Again the fuel tank was almost empty, so I had to fill it up first. About a 3rd of the tank this time, because Praslin island is even smaller than Mahé island. The car we got was a small, bright orange Kia with airco. All Seychelles rental cars come with airco. I think it’s standard on the cars, and everything else, even the most basic things like electric windows in the front doors, is optional.

Our Praslin island round trip itinerary:

  • Vallée de Mai: Coco de mer forrest and UNESCO world heritage site
  • Anse Georgette: beach on the Lemuria property
  • Anse Lazio: supposedly the most beautiful beach on Praslin

Not really a very long list this time, but we wanted to take our time and enjoy the sights we wanted to see.

You can’t really make a “round”  trip on Praslin, because the roads stop at Anse Lazio and the Lemuria resort in the western part of the island. There’s no connection in between. The island however is so small, driving the same road back doesn’t take long and the scenery remains amazing.

We started our trip at Anse Volbert, where we got the rental car, and drove to the village of Baie Sainte Anne. Here we went right at the roundabout in the direction of Vallée de Mai. This road took us deeper into the jungle. I was a bit surprised to find out that it was an excellent and well maintained road.

From Vallée de Mai the road continued to into westward direction until it met the coastal road from Baie Ste Anne to the Lémuria resort. From there we drove for about 8 kilometres to the resort.

Praslin has steep roads

After visiting Anse Georgette we drove back to the road junction where we had to decide to either follow the coastal road or take the Vallée de Mai road through the jungle again. Our curiousity won and we took the coastal road which quickly became a very narrow and curvy road with some extremely steep parts of 30%!

We pushed our small Kia to its limits, but managed to take those steep parts of the road. I found it amusing to drive this road, but if you feel differently about narrow, steep mountain roads, it’s probably wise to avoid it. You’ll find the steepest parts around Anse Consolation.

Map of Praslin island Seychelles
Map of Praslin island Seychelles

When we entered  Baie Sainte Anne village again we continued in the direction of Côte d’Or, drove past our hotel to Anse Possession where you get a view over the Curieuse Marine National Park. At 4:45 PM we reached Anse Lazio.

In the next posts I’ll go more into detail about the sights and beaches we visited during this (almost) round trip.