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Victoria: capital city of the Seychelles

September 24th: In Victoria we parked the car at the marina and made a short stroll through the town. Even though it was still in the morning, it was already very hot and humid. Not an ideal climate to be walking in this town, or any town for that matter.

However we wanted to see this small capital city. Also I wanted to find an ATM for some cash. Found 2, but both didn’t work. Fortunately the third one did manage to spit out some rupees.

Victoria itself is just a small city. I didn’t find it particularly interesting. The famous clock tower, a small replica of the Big Ben, didn’t really impress me. But the atmosphere was relaxed and it felt like walking through a big village.

Victoria’s population is around 25,000. It was originally settled in 1778 by the French but was eventually named after Queen Victoria.There’s an old part of town with narrow streets and colonial buildings, and a new part with wider avenues and tropical gardens.

Anyway, we didn’t come all this way for a small city, so after I got my cash from the ATM, it was time to go back to our car to continue our round trip.


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  • Patrickv:

    Yeah town is a bit boring honestly. However now that the Bazar Victoria has been introduced every friday till late in the night, that is one thing to keep locals and foreigners alike busy

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