Tante Mimi restaurant

Tante Mimi is a well known restaurant and casino on Praslin. On tripadvisor I had read some very positive reviews of the restaurant so for our first dinner on Praslin we decided to dine at Tante Mimi.

Tante Mimi restaurant
Tante Mimi restaurant

The restaurant and casino are situated in a beautiful, white plantation mansion with huge colums and marble floors. The building is recently built, so it’s not authentic, but the atmosphere is really nice. Think “Gone with the wind” or ” North & South” style.

We asked the hotel receptionist to make reservations for us. Tante Mimi offers a free taxi service from your hotel to the restaurant and back. We could have walked it, but the main road is pitch black during the night. You really can’t see anything, so we gladly accepted the free taxi ride.

When we arrived we were the only guests there. The restaurant is huge open area on the first floor, and just being with the two of us, it felt quite lonely. The two friendly waitresses didn’t have anything else to do but to keep a close eye on us since we were the only guests there. Now I like good service, but this was a little too much attention. After our apetizers four other guests came in. The six of us were the only guests during the rest of the evening.

What about Mimi’s food?

Our expectations were really high because of the good reviews, the setting, the ambiance and the prices per couvert. But honestly the food was only mediocre. My wife ordered a special Tante Mimi dish, which wasn’t all that. Myself I can’t remember what I ordered, which can’t be a good sign. The food is not bad, but certainly not value for money. Tante Mimi is about the same price range as La Scala on Mahe, but the last one offered much better quality food.

Maybe the chef just had a bad day…

NB: Tante Mimi is quite formal, especially for Seychellois standards. You can enter the restaurant in shorts (not appreciated), but not the casino!